Netgear VS Cisco Wireless Router

The two routers brand Netgear and Linksys stands out to be the best AC router which makes Quality routers for use in computer networks around the world. 

Cisco wireless  Routers: 
        Cisco support Linksys brand offers affordable, quality routers  for many home and office network across the world. 
        Provides  quality routers and has developed some of the most popular routers. 
        Offers Ethernet hubs, network cards, and routers. 
         Popular with the open source community that has the firmware of the Linksys WRT54G. 
        Offers Firewall to help protect a user’s network from unwanted hackers. 

Netgear Wireless Routers: 
        Netgear support  wireless routers have been providing service  in home and office for several years. 
        Netgear routers have now found their way into use any broadband  service providers. 
        Netgear manufacturer a wide range of products  which includes switches, firewalls, network hubs, routers and more. 
        Netgear has established itself as an industry leader. 

Some of the important consideration that can be taken for choosing the best router is as follows: 

 1.Wifi router speed: 
        Consumer needs to find the router whose speed is fast. 
11 Mbps are the norm. 
        Everyone needs to consider this when  looking at the cost of the router they should look for the router speed. 

2.Wifi Router range: 

        Antenna technology determines how powerful of a signal the router which directly affects the range. 
        Increasing router range allows the signal to work directionally as opposed to two in all directions. 
         Wireless range extender and upgrades  to the WIFI client  are the other ways to extend the range of a router. 

3.Wireless router cost: 
        Consumers can also consider buying  used routers to save money. 
        Purchasing a wireless router does not have to break the bank. 
        Consumer can get the exactly they want when they know what type of router they need. 

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